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When it comes to your fleet, every single detail matters.
You need the right vehicles, customized to your specific business needs.
And above all, you need a dependable brand you can count on.

Whether you’re a small business owner running a few cars, a governmental organization or a multinational corporation with an extensive fleet, we know you will find great value in our full line of distinctive, dependable, high-quality vehicles.


From keeping a fleet sales force running, to delivering world-class quality services, Cadillac and the largest team of Fleet Sales Professionals in the region are ready to assist you in choosing the right purchase channel for your business needs.

With a wide range of business dealers, tailored fleet services and the best mix of cars, there is no going wrong. They’ll also work with you to get the correct upfits and the right purchase mode that better suit your business.

Each of our specialists is an expert in their field, and each delivers a level of dedication that goes above and beyond what most manufacturers can offer.


We take the time to learn about your unique business challenges and offer you real solutions. We specialize in solid, long-term partnerships and we realize that your success is the ultimate measure of our success.

A variety of different service programs are available to our Cadillac Fleet customers. From tools to help you support your fleet of vehicles, to information about warranties, vehicle service contracts and a competitive cost of scheduled maintenance, the experts at your nearest Cadillac Dealership are there to help you every step of the way.

We provide all our vehicle owners the most competitive pricing and cost efficiencies as well as completely transparent cost of maintenance. In addition, we offer you a large variety of Fleet Programs, designed to provide the best in class shopping experience.

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2018 ATS

Success isn’t measured by “could’ve” or “should’ve”.
It’s measured by been there and done that.
Precise. Exact. Exhilarating. This is the new Cadillac ATS Luxury Sedan.

2018 XTS

The Cadillac XTS Luxury Sedan is a tribute to enticing comfort, spacious design, performance with a tenacious purpose and intuitive technology.


Taking an American icon and elevating it to extraordinary new heights, which previously existed solely in the hearts and imagination of the world’s finest designers and artisans.
Welcome to the Cadillac of Escalades.

2018 CTS

From its signature LED lighting to its ingenious lightweight aluminum doors and its remarkably powerful engines, every detail of the beautifully crafted Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan makes it stand out among the world’s finest on the road.

2018 ATS-V 

With roots in the performance racing circuit, the ATS-V Coupe and Sedan are built to rule the left lane as easily as they rule the track. Featuring a range of refined interior features and sporty exterior lines, you’ll find the edge of your seat never looked or felt so good.

2018 CTS-V

The CTS-V proves performance and elegance can be combined with stunning results. Offering a supercharged engine with responsive power and a cabin precision-fitted with refined materials and features, this is the peak of comfort and performance.

2018 CT6

With the first-ever CT6, Cadillac embarks on a bold journey that sets the new standard for excellence. Innovatively engineered and beautifully crafted, the CT6 combines advanced technology with breathtaking design.

2018 XT5

Underneath its striking looks, the 2018 XT5 seamlessly combines a spacious, versatile cabin with a suite of high-tech features and cut-and-sewn materials. It’s a crossover that leaves no room – or need – for compromise.

All Cadillacs are backed by our PREMIUM CARE PROGRAM

• Complimentary service and maintenance
for 4 years / 100.000 km
• Warranty for 4 years / 100.000 km
• Regional roadside assistance for 4 years

*Terms and conditions apply

The service and support will be provided by trained and certified technician throughout the wide coverage of our dealers network.

Purchase Modes

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Our fleet offer becomes even more attractive thanks to a focus on world-class quality, rapidly strengthening residual values and class-competitive fuel economy and emissions figures that reduce the total cost of ownership.

Cadillac Fleet Customer Benefits

  • The largest automotive service provider in the Middle East
  • Three years or 100.000 km regional warranty on all vehicle lineups
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Cadillac trained and certified technicians
  • Genuine parts manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your vehicle
  • One-stop shopping for all your service needs
  • Cadillac Fleet Parts and Service pack
  • A chain of Quick Service outlets/ACDelco quick service centers available across many minor locations, for a convenient geographical reach.
cadillac fleet home purchasemode

Keeping your fleet running on the road at a highly competitive total cost of ownership is the center of our interest. At Cadillac, we value your concern on the cost of service and the required timings to service your vehicles.

SLP and Menu Pricing Program Benefits

  • A wide range of Service Packs with competitive rates
  • Competitive market-based parts
  • Service pricing for items covered in the program
  • Reducing the amount of vehicles that must wait for service allowing same day servicing and delivery
  • Transparency on cost of service and improved total cost of ownership
  • Fixing it right the first time

Our Operational Lease proposals are designed to fit your requirements.

Operational Lease

  • Short and long term lease (12-24-36-48) months.
  • Option to purchase vehicles after expiry of contract.
  • Free replacement vehicle given to customer as additional offer.
  • Provide immediate replacement vehicle for vehicles under repair.
  • Insurance coverage according to customer needs.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance across the Kingdom.
  • Service outlets to support customers all over the region.
  • Dedicated service coordinators available at all locations.
  • Toll free number service for easy access by the customer.

To get in touch with one of our fleet professionals please: